5 Tips for moving when the weather outside is frightful

Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
Published on December 22, 2018

Moving is bad enough –  I don’t know anybody who likes it – but moving in wet, muddy, sloppy weather is awful.  Too bad it’s not illegal! 

If you have to move during the winter, hiring professional movers is a great way to go.  Whether you move yourself or hire the pros, keep this 5 tips in mind.  They’ll make the process easier on everybody.

Tips for moving when the weather outside is frightful 1. What will you do with pets and kids?

You’ll need to work quickly during a winter-weather move and, since children and pets tend to get in the way during periods of excitement, find a place to “stash” them during the process.

Consider asking a family member to watch the kids or hire a sitter. Pets can be placed in boarding where they’ll be safe.

Having just moved myself, I put Peanut and Bella in the bathroom with all of the things that would keep them as comfortable as possible and checked on them often.  I couldn’t keep them from being scared but I did what I could to keep them calm.

5 Tips for moving when the weather outside is frightful 2. What does the weather service say?

Perhaps you can try to time the actual moving of boxes and furniture between showers. The best way to remain updated on weather conditions is with the app on your phone.

AccuWeather offers a free weather app and also a brilliant Road Trip Planner (you’ll need your laptop for this).

5 Tips for moving when the weather outside is frightful 3.  Pack a priority box

The last thing you’ll want to do after slogging through messy weather is to have to go through all those boxes to find the essential items you’ll need right away.

Before packing anything else, label a box with brightly colored tape or a big noticeable label and fill it with important things you’ll need to settle in or need right away. You can even put this type of box in the trunk for quick access.

  • Old towels and rags to wipe wet floors.
  • A change of clothing for all family members (including dry shoes or boots)
  • Snacks
  • Food for the pets (don’t forget the bowls)
  • Several large bottles of drinking water
  • Any medications you take daily
  • Bathroom items such as a shower curtain, shampoo, soap, toilet paper
  • Valuables
  • Coffee maker and everything to go with it
  • Things to keep the kids occupied

I got a great tip from from a client who moved frequently. She made up a box of all the bathroom necessities and the sheets and pillow cases. The first thing they did when they got to the new house was make the bed! Moving is so tiring, it’ll be fantastic to just fall in bed and not have to make it up when you’re super exhausted.

5 Tips for moving when the weather outside is frightful 4. Protect your electronics

“Electronic components can develop condensation as the temperature decreases,” according to the experts at Bekins. “This condensation can cause water damage or even short circuiting,” they caution.

Think “insulation” when considering how to protect your electronics. First, wrap each item in bubble wrap, then in a blanket. Place each item in a bubble-wrapped box and seal it tightly. Then, wrap the box in either bubble wrap or a moving blanket.

5 Tips for moving when the weather outside is frightful 5. Use extra care when moving appliances

As soon as you move in, you’ll be tempted to get the washing machine and dryer set up, but don’t give in to the temptation.

Appliance manufacturers say that washers need to sit for at least 12 hours. This is to ensure that any traces of water that remained in them while moving hasn’t turned to ice, which could damage the appliance.

And, yes, the dryer needs to come to room temperature as well. Otherwise, the igniter and heating element may become brittle.

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