6 Things That Will Keep Your Home From Selling

Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
Published on October 31, 2018

As a home seller you’re going to get nervous when that for sale sign starts becoming a permanent feature on your lawn. As potential buyers keep eyeing without buying, you might begin to wonder what exactly is wrong with your property. Why isn’t it selling? Buyers are going to think something is wrong with it and give you a lowball offer or no offer at all.

In order to avoid any delay in selling, take a look at these 6 things that will keep your home from selling:

6 things that will keep your home from selling: 1.  Not paying attention to details

Your house should be absolutely spotless from top to bottom.  Every light bulb should be working – even more nitpicky: they should all be the same brand and color.  Light switch covers, windows, door knobs, handrails, cabinetry – all of it – should be bright, shiny and clean.  Every corner of the floors and ceilings should be dust free. Grout should be replaced if it’s cracked or dirty.

On the outside, all the plants, the grass – the landscaping needs to be spot on.  No dead spots or broken pots. The paint should be immaculate; no chips, cracks or bubbles.

6 things that will keep your home from selling: 2. List price is too high

We all think our pets and kids are the cutest and our houses are the best.  Our opinions are skewed! Of course the cutest, they’re ours!

You may be reluctant to be competitive in your pricing and want to have a number higher than your agent is suggesting; be careful of that.  Very careful!  If your agent has shown you the comparable sales and given you valid reasons for the price they’re suggesting, don’t say “my house is better.”  It may be to you; but your agent is telling you that it may not be to buyers.  And those are the people you want to appeal to.

If you don’t, you’re going to price too high and end up lowering it later – and lowering it – and lowering it.  There is no point in clinging to a dream price if your agent is telling you otherwise.

6 things that will keep your home from selling: 3.  Taking a break from the market

If you’re going on the market with the idea that you can pull the house off and go back on later, you’re making a huge mistake.  A savvy agent is going to check the past history of your property and see that it was up for sale previously.  They’re going to figure out quickly that you were overpriced.  That’s a weak negotiating position for you.

The longer your property remains listed, the more it loses its appeal – that break is not going to help – it’s going to hurt your bottom line. Once a buyer knows that your property didn’t sell so you took it off to re-strategize your marketing, they immediately assume there is something wrong with it. They may simply ignore it. Furthermore, some buyers will take advantage of the situation to negotiate for a much lower price, believing that you are desperate to sell.

6 things that will keep your home from selling: 4.  Having a bad relationship with your agent

Bad rapport between you and your realtor will make the situation more difficult. Think carefully before you agree to work with any agent.  They’ve got your financial future in their hands. Make sure they can manage it well. You need to understand and agree on the sales strategy, pricing, and marketing so be sure your relationship can handle the stress.

This can be achieved by having an honest conversation about what you expect from your agent and what your end goals are, bearing in mind the prevailing market conditions.  If you feel that the agent doesn’t understand your needs or isn’t listening, then that agent isn’t the one for you.

6 things that will keep your home from selling: 5.  Making your house difficult to see

There’s no doubt that selling your house is a pain in the butt.  It’s inconvenient, a ton of work and a stress fest. You’re going to make it impossible to sell if you have too many restrictions on buyers who want to see it.  Restricted hours or days, appointment only…think of every limitation as a reduction in the price. Buyers and their agents may really want to show/see your house; but if  you make it too difficult they’re going to pass on it without even seeing it.

6 things that will keep your home from selling: 6.  Ignoring the competition

Before you make a final decision on pricing, review other houses that are currently for sale, especially if you and your agent disagree on the list price.  Taking a look at open houses is a good way to get familiar with your neighborhood market.  

In a fast moving real estate market, you’re going to need to evaluate the price several times – you’ll even want to do another evaluation the day the house is going up for sale.  I have conversations with my clients repeatedly about the price. The first time we discuss it, it’s simply a hypothetical “what if the market is doing xyz” conversation. Depending how far into the future the house is going on the market, we’ll talk about it many times.  The list price is THAT important.

If you deal with these things after your house goes up for sale it’s going to cost you time and money and create a ton of frustration.  So get it right the first time and you’ll have a smooth process and a higher net result.

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