What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019

Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
Published on January 3, 2019
Sharp Park Golf Course, Pacifica

What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019 1. Electric vehicle charging stations

It seems there are so many electric cars now, we needed a law to create rules for landlords to follow when a tenant requests an electric vehicle charging station.

Read AB 1796 here.

What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019 2. Three days’ notice excludes holidays and weekends

In order to evict a tenant, a landlord must give the tenant a 3-days’ notice to cure the violation that caused the unlawful detainer or vacate the property. This law clarifies that holidays, and weekends are not included in that 3-day notice.

This takes effect September 19, 2019. Find the complete details of AB 2343 here.

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What Pacifica landlords of 3+ units need to know in 2019 3. Notice for inspection of decks and balconies

SB 721 changes existing law which is very general and allows an “enforcement agency” to enter and inspect any buildings or premises whenever necessary to verify building standards are met.

They’ve clarified this to describe who can and can’t legally do that inspection.

I can see why this became an issue. When municipalities are allowed to arbitrarily inspect a building, they may find other issues wrong with the property and report those to the building department. That could force the owner to bring those items up to code, potentially costing a lot of money. So what was supposed to be a quick inspection on a deck could become a much bigger issue.

Find all the guidelines of SB 721 here.

What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019 4. Law enforcement and emergency assistance

AB 2413 clarifies that a provision in a rental or lease agreement cannot limit or prohibit a person’s right to call for law enforcement or emergency assistance.

This bill is very specific. Read the details of AB 2413 here.

What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019 5. Price gouging and eviction during an emergency

With all the fires we’ve had, adding this clause to AB 1919 makes sense. It adds raising rents exorbitantly – and evicting one tenant to rent to another for a higher rent – to a law that already imposes penalties for doing the same with goods and services.

Assembly Bill 1919 is lengthy and should be read here to get all the details.

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What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019 6. Landlord-tenant: 3rd-party payments

Assembly Bill 2219 clarifies the guidelines under which a landlord may accept payment from someone who is not a tenant but not create tenancy with that person.

It also describes the process of paying rent by a means that is not cash or a wire transfer.

Learn about AB 2219 by reading the full bill here.

What Pacifica landlords need to know in 2019 7. Service member protections

AB 3212 tells lenders what they can and cannot assume regarding a service member’s ability to pay that loan. Reading it, it sounds like debt collectors were impersonating members of the Armed Forces to collect past-due accounts. So this puts a stop to that and a list of several more items, including keeping an attorney from waiving the rights of a service member they can’t locate.

Get the details of AB 3212 from the California Legislative Information website which can be found at this link.

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